Hemp Solution, LTD. is a company dedicated to the cropping and transformation of industrial hemp Cannabis Sativa. Our activities cover the whole cycle – from agricultural work, raw materials processing (flower, fiber, seed), all the way to final production of food supplements and other products with hemp. We apply in our workflow the latest research and cooperate with experts from different universities, research institutes, and dietetic experts.

Our three main activities:

  • Cultivation and harvesting of industrial hemp
  • Production of raw materials: flowers for extracts, flowers for tea, hemp seed, hemp oil
  • Manufacturing of final products with the CBD – white label


The varieties of industrial hemp we grow and process are certified and approved for cultivation in the EU and most of the countries of the world. Content of the substance THC in these varieties is less than 0.2 – 0.3% and plants have no psychoactive effects.

For the cultivation of industrial hemp we do not use any herbicides or pesticides. We support the introduction of cannabis among the common crops for their benefits to agricultural land and the countryside.


We are producers of agricultural raw materials, which we obtain using special harvesting of the following practices:

  • Hemp flowers for CBD extraction
  • Hemp flowers for tea
  • Whole hemp seed
  • Hemp seed peeled – shelled
  • Virgin hemp oil
  • The stem of hemp (for fiber and cane)


Our main goal is the extraction of our hemp flowers to obtain cannabinoids, especially the CBD – cannabidiol. We use the extract to produce food supplements and cosmetics with the content of CBD, with beneficial effects to human health.

The secret is in the quality of the raw material and the precise extraction. We use flowers grown without the use of herbicides and pesticides as well as analyzed in the content of heavy minerals.

The extraction and production is carried out in a professional and certified laboratory, using the latest knowledge and practices.

CBD basic production line:

– Drops with CBD – hemp oil with cannabidiol, from 1% up to 30% CBD, according to customer requirements
– E-liquid 5% CBD – for electronic cigarettes, with terpenes and CBD
– Tablets with CBD
– Suppositories with CBD
– Pure 98% CBD crystal – contains 0% THC


Our activities are based on the latest research and scientific studies. We cooperate with several universities, institutes and research centers.

We work in different sectors related to the processing of hemp raw materials and semi-finished products:

– growing of industrial hemp – field preparation, planting and harvesting
– post-harvest processes of raw materials:
– food – hemp seed, flour, essences, extracts
– fiber – construction


Hemp Solution, s.r.o.
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Phone: +420 608 644 121
Email: info@hempsolution.eu
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